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Organize Your Life With House Cleaning Services

Whether you need house cleaning or are in desperate need of an entire office cleaning, the professionals from Cleaning Maid EZ, LLC. are here to help. Rely on us for all your cleaning needs in Louisville, Kentucky.


Living Room / Bedroom

Don't have time to clean? Leave it to us. We'll vacuum your carpeting, rugs, and stairs and mop all your floors. Our professionals will dust all flat surface areas with a damp cloth, clean your hardwood floors, and dust the furniture and knickknacks scattered throughout every room. Overall, we will tidy the appearance of every room. We can even change the linens and make the beds as long as you request the services ahead of time.


All bathtubs, tile walls, shower areas, shower doors, and bathroom walls are cleaned and disinfected. The same goes for sinks and countertops. Your mirrors are cleaning and shined and we'll mop and vacuum your floors, carpets, and rugs. We will wipe down the outsides of all your cabinets and drawers before dusting to remove cobwebs that have accumulated. Don't clean that yucky toilet yourself any longer - let someone from Cleaning Maid EZ, LLC. take care of it for you.


We know how messy a kitchen can get after a tasty meal is prepared. We'll scrub, disinfect, and shine your kitchen sinks before cleaning all your countertop appliances, refrigerator exterior, oven range, and cabinets. If you had a busy week and made a mess of your microwave, there's no need to worry. Our staff will clean and disinfect it - inside and out. We'll clean kitchen furniture like tables, chairs, carpets, and rugs, and empty the trash.